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- Which was the first bank in the Las Vegas Valley?
- How much was the starting capital of the first Las Vegas bank?
- In which year suffered Las Vegas its first big fire?
- Which product of the Hoover Dam complex is not sent to Las Vegas?
- Which settlement is also known as the Original Las Vegas town site?
- Which was the first Hotel and Casino opened in Las Vegas?
- Which of the following ones are more than 500 in Las Vegas?
- What company in 1905 announced an auction to sell the land for the Las Vegas townsite?
- What place in Las Vegas showed first a neon sign, and when?
- Which hotel-casino is presently in the position of the old ''Desert Rose Motel''?
- Which casino has the highest ceiling on the Las Vegas Strip?
- What has been the first Las Vegas hotel with an elevator?
- Which was not a former name of the Las Vegas Boulevard?
- Why the presently most important street of Las Vegas received its nickname ''The Strip''?
- Where the Las Vegas movie title ''Ocean's 11'' comes from?
- Who bought an entire hotel-casino, to be allowed to stay longer in the rooms he rented?
- What is the oldest symbol used in slot machines?
- Which Las Vegas Hotel has been called, for some time, ''Sal Sagev'', and why?
- To whom Ben Goffstein, when opening the ''Four Queens'' hotel-casino, has dedicated this name?
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